“Companies and Events"

If your company would like to have a " Ray of light" event, where I come over and promote these up-cycled lights, please feel free to give me a buzz, and as a Thank you gesture, I will feature your company or event and share any well wishes that you have for everyone via social media

 Best wishes

Balan ( Whatapps +65 96869495)


  • Addressing an Environmental concern through recycling, and demonstrating how we are able to reduce our carbon footprint through social enterprise projects
  • Addressing a Social Challenge, by tapping onto our Senior generation, by Identifying how they can add value to the cause
  • Paying it forward meals, for every bottle sold, with hopes of building a compassionate society, and fostering the kampong spirit
  • Promoting and branding our local hawkers who take pride in their signature dishes
  • Having a Sustainable business model, without being dependent on donations and sponsorship

"Individuals and business owners

For every bottle that is sold to an individual or business owner, I would like to thank you by featuring you on our facebook page to include your well wishes, and if you are a business owner, I will gladly share your details to thank you for your supporting the " Ray of light sg" project  

Best wishes

Balan ( Whatapps +65 96869495)

Ray of Light Sg project  - Bridging the gap between an environmental and social opportunity


Social Enterprise: The lives, the community and the environment that we share

Its a story of a used empty bottle that interacts with our untapped senior generation, who help us with the cleaning and stringing of bottles with lights, this transformation gives these bottles a new leash of life, and they are sold as decorative lamps in the open market, or as gifts or ambience lights in restaurants and bistro’s

Stage 2: Paying it forward-

Prepaid meals for the needy at our local hawker stalls,

With every up-cycled bottle sold, $3-4 dollars is prepaid to our local hawkers, this "Paying it forward " concept enables the needy to have a meal at the local hawker center

Stage 1 : Up-cycling wine bottles into lights

Conceptual Design and Thinking.

Stage 3: Branding and supporting our local community

For every bottle sold $3-$4 dollars will go towards a “ Paying it forward “ meal , this tie up is done at the local hawker stall at the hawker centre, and the participating hawker is traditionally the owner, with  this tie up, we are able to promote and support our local hawkers who take pride in their signature dishes.

Ray Of Light SG- The story of an upcycled bottle with the hopes of  -

  • Reaching out to 1 million people
  • up-cycling 1 million wine bottles into lights
  • Paying it forward ( prepaid meals for the less fortunate)
  • Branding and supporting our local hawker community
  • Fostering the kampong spirit of compassion

Change begins with me, Get Involved - A Social Enterprise Project
Contact me at 96869495, to reach me or if you would like to buy these repurposed bottles